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Paolo Persichetti was born in Caracas, where he completed his studies in Architecture, then moved to the United States, New York City where he studied at the prestigious New York University.

From 1984 he began his entrepreneurial career in New York establishing himself in the construction and restructuring field dealing with large-scale renovation projects, in fact, he is recognized in several publications, including:

  "Architectural Digest", "New York Times" and "Home and Gardens"


After moving to Italy, in 1997 his rise in the International Marketing and Communication sector becomes increasingly important, in fact he holds managerial positions of importance in London, Barcelona and then in Italy, when he joins the important television production company “Orizzonti Entertainment”.

In 2005, he moved to direct the Marketing and Commercial office of the International Kermesse "L'Isola del Cinema di Roma", a renowned worldwide film event. This is followed by university lectures in "Creative Marketing & Event Organization" at the University of Rieti and at the University of La Sapienza in Rome, aimed at graduates in "Master of Communication".

From 2008 to 2012 he held the position of director of the “National Department of Marketing, Strategy and Social Economics Problems” for the “CAD”.


Tireless in the search for new goals, in 2012 he returned to the United States as Managing Director of a very important fashion company.

Passionate about sports and fitness, former basketball player and musician registered with the SIAE as Composer and Author, he decides to diversify his interest embarking on a new adventure that expresses his many interests. In fact in 2019 he founded "Walk2fit USA" in New York, an innovative workout based on the philosophy of well-being at 360 degrees, a startup currently in a phase of growth and expansion.

Certified in "Digital Marketing" by Google Lab Europe, and currently enrolled at Harvard University in the "Fundamentals of TinyML" program.

From 2020 he joins “Alicorn Health International" as head of the International America Office, to lend all his experience and energy to the development in Europe and around the world of the prestigious CareMEDICA International brands.

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