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Enjoy the highest standards of US-based Elite medical care while overseas

Despite the promises of socialized medicine and inexpensive access to care, we know that many Americans find it often very hard to adapt to inadequate, inefficient and complicated foreign healthcare systems. Not to mention dealing with the language barrier...
CareMEDICA’s “Eagle” and “Eagle Plus” Elite Membership Programs were specifically designed to provide American citizens living abroad with a personal connection to their own team of US Board-certified physicians and medical professionals.
With the ultimate personalized healthcare in mind, our goal is to empower our Members to transform their life through technology, science and a very proactive medical approach, with a plan uniquely tailored to their individual needs.
Our team will provide all the personal attention needed to make every client feel right at home, with dedicated Board-certified physicians and clinical support staff attending to them directly from the United States and providing a true patient-engaging experience.

The “Americans Abroad” Program is now available in Europe and around the world.

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