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Goverment Programs

CareMEDICA International assistance

CareMEDICA International offers governments around the globe the unique opportunity to create customized health and wellness programs for its executives, its employees, and its citizens. These white label, dedicated medical concierge services are exclusively designed by our experienced corporate team through a professional and creative collaboration with our foreign clients.

Remote Telehealth services, on-site executive check-ups and medical consultations, 24/7 direct connection from everywhere in the world with our Yale-affiliated US headquarters and our worldwide network of best-in-class clinics and specialists are only a few of the services that CareMEDICA International is able to effortlessly deliver around the globe. We also specialize in seamlessly “translating” the needs and character of every individual governmental organization (financial, strategic cultural, religious and more) into an individual program that is truly second to none.

Foreign government executives may contact us for more information about building a customized program at:

Call  +1 203 580 4899

or e-mail  we will be happy to assist you.

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