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Corporate Programs

The best corporate programs available

CareMEDICA International is an advanced and personalized medical care program that can work closely with different Institutions such as corporations, small companies, and many more.The exclusive membership-based program is designed to deliver the best world-class medical and lifestyle services and products to its members. Unlike traditional medicine, CareMedica International provides a proactive and totally, patient-engaging experience. Members enjoy many benefits to develop customized programs to make sure that all the medical needs of their employees can be thoroughly consulted and fulfill, using the most advanced national and international medical resources. Our dedicated advanced clinical coordinator and personal care team concierge system will be available 24/7 to ensure the best experience to all our members. If you would like to speak to a representative and have more information, contact us at, or call us at  +1 203 580 4899 , we will be happy to assist you.

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